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Origin of Soothing Indulgence….

My name is Maxine Williams and I been developing

aromatherapy products since 2002. Here is my story.

At that time I was searching for a cure for my son because he had a problem with his skin. He has had dry patches on his skin that itched from the age of 6 months old. As the years went by it progressed into a serious skin condition.

At the time I didn’t know what was causing his skin problems and as he got older he broke out all over his body. I took him to a skin specialist and the doctor diagnosed him as having eczema and he gave my son some medication for it and it soon cleared up.

But when that medicine ran out I decided to go to the health food store and find a lotion or spray that could relieve him of his symptoms. I found a lotion that had tea tree essential oil in it and even though it was quit expensive to me I still bought it anyway.

Then it came to me, why buy this product that has one of the main ingredients of tea tree oil in it when I could make it myself. And that’s when I developed the Tea Tree Antiseptic Lotion and has worked miracles on my son. His skin cleared up, he didn’t have any more dry patches, scaly lesions disappeared and the itching went away. That was a wonderful day for me knowing that my son was comfortable in his own skin again.

Making aromatherapy and skincare products has become a passion of mine so in 2007 I decided to attend Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy at the Edgar Cayce institute in Virginia Beach, VA receiving my certificate in Aromatherapy.

Soon after the Soothing Indulgence skin disorder product line was born to help customers that suffer with eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Then I developed a spa product line. In addition, I have created a mens grooming product line including beard oil, pre-shave lotion, after-shave splash and beard balm which enhances the facial appearance of men for a thick beard and soft moisturized skin.

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About Us

Soothing Indulgence offers aromatherapy cosmetic and skin care products for men and women.

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