Anti-Fungal Foot Cream




This all-natural Antifungal Foot Cream hydrates and locks in moisture to treat the symptoms of crack, itchy, burning and stinging feet.  This amazing cream provides antifungal, antibacterial and inflammatory properties.  Essential oils such as manuka, Oats, pomegranate.  Plus, aloe vera that provide a gentle soothing sensation that take away that discomfort irritating symptoms that is associate with foot fungus condition.   


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  1. Natural Antifungal Foot Care, foot fungus, callused feet, cracked heel and athletes’ foot. 
  2. 100% natural plant-based concentrate formula softens, smooths, soothes and repairs dry scaly patches, itchy, red, cracked, irritated skin, easy to apply and fast absorbing. 
  3. Natural anti-inflammatory and anti-itch relief cream that helps naturally treat and prevent skin infections caused by fungus without side effect. 
  4. Made in US with the finest organic and 100% natural ingredients. 
  5. All Natural – Contains therapeutic grade essential oils of manuka, oats, and sea salt water, aloe vera and witch hazel alone with other natural ingredients. 


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