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Our all natural beard balm will give your beard a brilliant luster that will make it stand out from the crowd. This beard balm will allow you to easily style your beard, while also giving it a natural healthy look.

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Man Cave, Sandalwood, Lavender and Sage


Natural botanical oils, beeswax, Shea butter and essential oils.

13 reviews for Beard Balm

  1. Matt

    Huge fan of this stuff. Keeps my beard looking great! Has a great hold and keeps my beard moisturized.

  2. Tyler

    Well I have been using the beard oil for a month now and I’m very pleased, so I thought might as well give the balm a try. The beard balm did not disappoint. Excellent for styling my beard. Happy that it’s all natural. I would 100% recommend this product. I can’t wait till ya’ll start a subscription package so I can get everything all together every month. Keep up the good work!

  3. Andre

    All around great product, really easy to use. I’ve used products in the past and they left a greasy residue on my hand but this doesn’t do that at all. I personally like the smell. I use the man cave beard oil and balm combo. The smell is not too overpowering, just enough.

  4. Josh

    This product is great! I’ve tried other products and this product is my favorite. Anyone who loves their beard needs to have this product.

  5. Victor

    Love all your products! Helps my beard look amazing!

  6. Will

    Started using this product a few months ago and I have zero complaints. The hold is great. I love that the smell is not too intense. I’ve used beard balms in the past and they either have an intense smell or are too fruity. I’m trying to grow an epic beard, not trying to smell like a flower.

  7. Llyod

    Overall a good product. I really like how it’s the right amount of oil and grease. After I rub it into my beard, my hands are pretty much dry. The hold is really good is really good.

  8. Mike

    I have a really thick and curly beard and it can be difficult to manage. This product is great at helping me straighten and style my beard. I also like how it keeps my beard moisturized throughout the day, without leaving it greasy.

  9. Philip

    So this might be a little premature giving this product five stars, because I’ve only used the product for about a week, but so far its been great. I love the hold and how easy it mixes in your hand. Definite plus is that it doesn’t leave any residue on my hands after use. I also really like that it gives a hold without weighing my beard down. So far I’m very pleased.

  10. Brett

    I’ve tried a few different beard balms and this one is my favorite so far. I have curly hair and it can be difficult to control. A lot of balms in the past have not been able to maintain my hair, but this one seems to have a strong hold. The smell is also great. Not too strong and a mainly scent. Honestly I would be fine with a balm without any scent if at all possible. This product is great and I would highly recommend it.

  11. Jeremy

    This product is great. Really easy to use, it keeps my beard managed all day without leaving it oily.

  12. James

    Huge fan of all their products, and this one did not disappoint. Has a great hold that last all day, I feel like it locks in moisture and gives my beard a healthy natural look.

  13. Justin

    This product is great. It melts easily and goes on cleanly. I can easily distribute it evenly throughout my beard. I love that it doesn’t clump up. The scent is good too, not too overpowering. I really like the sandalwood. Definitely would recommend this product.

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