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Beard oil keeps the beard well formed and also stimulate growth, resulting in a thicker beard. This moisturizing ingredients help preserve a clean and smooth appearance making your beard soft and pleasant to touch, free from tangles. Regular use will make your beard soft, lustrous, smooth and strong. It helps soften, hydrate and improve its overall conditions, while eliminating itchiness and dandruff. This beard oil moisturizes the skin, calming unruly beard and making it easy to style.

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Man Cave, Sandalwood, Apollo, Gatsby, Unscented

Scent Description

Man Cave – A powerful combination that encompasses clean, rich, and warm elements to make this unique aroma. Men this one is for you!
Sandalwood – A woody, amber-moss and spice.
Lavender & Sage – Is a blend of herbs, lavender, and aromatic woods, sage, rosemary and chamomile awaken the earthiness of lavender.


All natural botanical oils and carrier oils.

24 reviews for Beard Oil 2 oz

  1. Robert

    Huge fan of all these products. I like that the beard oil is all natural and doesn’t have an overpowering scent.

  2. Tyler

    So I have used a lot of different products claiming to be all natural and good for beard growth and skin, but I continued to be let down. I have really sensitive skin so most products make me breakout. This is the first beard oil I have used that I didn’t breakout from. After about two week of using it I noticed my beard was healthier and thicker. I 100% recommend this product. Man Cave scent smells amazing. I wish they had more scents though. Keep up the great work!

  3. Dave

    This beard oil and conditioner is just as described and it actually works! I’m about a month in to growing a beard for the first time and it was getting wiry and scraggly looking even after trimming. This oil conditions, softens and makes your beard look amazing. I have comments that my beard
    looks fuller even the same day after a trim. My wife says it feels softer and I love the way it looks. It’s easy to use, a little goes a long way, and the scent Sandalwood is amazing. I love this beard oil and I will be purchasing it again whenever my supply runs low. Also, this is a great company. They keep in touch like a great friend and they really seem concerned that you are happy and want every customer to be 100% satisfied.

  4. Caleb

    This product is great. I’m a beginner at growing out my facial hair. This oil is great. Its ingredients are natural. Smells great (and soothing when I get a whiff!) I like that it is a simple, traditional recipe and it alleviates itchiness and moisturizes the skin.

  5. Justin

    Absolutely amazing. I have been using this beard oil for a while now and I couldn’t be happier with the product. My skin and beard just feel healthier.

  6. Jason

    Very pleased with this product. I use it twice a day and it does everything that was promised. My skin feels healthier and moisturized. I’ve noticed that my beard looks more full and easier to tame. The scent is subtle, I didn’t want anything overpowering.

  7. William

    I finally started growing out my beard and I’ve been dealing with itchy dandruff. My friend recommended this product and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My skin instantly felt better. I love how it keeps the skin under my beard fresh. I almost gave up on my beard! Thank you Soothing Indulgence!

  8. Charles

    This stuff is nothing short of amazing, after two applications there is an extremely noticeable difference in skin rejuvenation and softness of facial hair. Main reason for purchase was to get rid of “bearddruff” and mild itching sensation which suddenly developed, by the second day it was completely gone! Used about 3-4 drops and applied to chin area following directions from the bottle.

  9. Tim

    Great product helps me with my growth and doesn’t dry out.

  10. Mitchell

    I bought this along with their Beard Balm and use one or the other daily to help relieve beard itch and dandruff. The oil has a pleasant, not overpowering, very subtle and fades after several minutes. I’m almost 5 weeks into growing my beard. There’s a lot of different products out there and I did my research. I’m definitely satisfied with Honest Amish. Good quality and price, works well, and packaged/delivered nicely and on-time.

  11. Kevin

    I don’t usually go in for a ton of grooming products but I really liked this. It gave my beard a nice, healthy shine, kept it a little less unruly, and has very nice fragrance , unobtrusive, pleasant, but easy to tune out. It’s good stuff.

  12. Brandon

    I’ve been using their beard oil and balm for about a year… and I’m never going to stop! My beard is fuller, softer, and healthier than it has ever been. Definitely recommend for any beard!

  13. Dwight

    This is the best beard oil I have ever tried. And I have spent well two years trying to find the best bead oil. This product smells great it works great and the most important part is it is not too expensive. Just ordered some more today.

  14. BJ

    After hours of researching and watching reviews to see which beard oil would suit me best I came across this amazing product and never looked back. I recently started to grow my beard out and honestly was lost as ever and didn’t know where to begin. My skin is kind of sensitive to some oils so I was a little worried how I’d react to it, also my facial hair was always very coarse and flaky so I’d always trim my beard up and never let it grow because of that reason but after using this its as smooth as ever and my skin underneath my hair feels even healthier. Definitely a getting more!

  15. Stacey

    Purchased this for my fiancee, and he loves it! He only uses after each shower (as opposed to daily) to prevent oil build up, but after only 5-6 uses we can both already see a difference. His beard looks better, feels amazing, and LOVE that scent ManCave on my sweetie. Will definitely be buying more grooming products from this company!

  16. Mark

    I love this beard oil! My beard looks and feels amazing. Please continue to make more products and come out with more amazing scents. Man Cave is my absolute go to.

  17. JT

    This softened it up enough for me to get that clean look I was looking for. A little comb through afterwards, and I look snazzy! Definitely buying some more on rotation.

  18. Philip

    Great scent, great shine. The scent is not too intense like some products I’ve used in the past. The oil is great with no left over residue.

  19. Mike

    I have been struggling with sensitive skin my entire life. I’ve tried a lot of different products and I always breakout. My friend recommended to me this product and I am very thankful for that. I have been using it for two weeks now and my skin feels healthier and my beard looks amazing. I was really close to leaving the beard life behind me.

  20. OG

    Second time buying this oil! Love the smell and feel of it! I generally apply this oil right after getting out of the shower, so that my skin also gets the benefit of the oil moisturizing due to my pores being more open. The oil does have a nice fragrance to it, but it is not flowery or feminine in any way. Putting the oil on at night and letting it have the ability to soak in overnight is the best way I have found to use it. The way it conditions also gives my beard a soft and supple feeling.

  21. Edward

    I absolutely love it! My friend Recommended it to me because my beard and skin always dry. I have sensitive skin so I can only use really high quality products and this works perfect. The sandalwood is my favorite!

  22. Jerry

    I wanted to wait at least a couple of weeks before I reviewed this product. I noticed pretty quickly how it help clear up my dry itchy skin underneath my beard. My beard became very soft and manageable. I truly recommend this product!

  23. Mike

    I have never used a beard only before. This is my first beard past stubble and noticed the hair is dry, coarse, and my face was itchy. The oil has helped to soften the hair and hold down the itch. I use the oil in combination with a balm. I also bought a boar’s hair brush. My favorite scent is Man Cave…I bought balm from the same company as well.

  24. Frank

    Been bearded all my life and tried a lot of different products. This is hands down my favorite beard oil! The scent is amazing and my skin feels amazing. My beard stays hydrated all day. I really like how soft it makes my beard.

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